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Curriculum Vitae

Qualifications and experience

The skills and experience of Stuttgard include the ability to provide formal and informal learning methods. He has won numerous awards and attended a number of master's degrees which have helped him reach his current level of expertise.

orler riprese.jpeg
  television studios Orler

Technical diploma with evening academy attendance uditore 

years 2002-2004

After the first basics learned from his father in adolescence, in the 90s he began to attend studies of master painters despite his school address was not the artistic one. At the end of the 90s he strengthened himself in the field of figuration and portrait taking private lessons with model at the studio of the Ligurian master Bruno Liberti, subsequently attending the evening Academy of Genoa in Piazza De Ferrari as an auditor, where he further perfects himself in figuration from life with a model.

In the year 2012, when his artistic career has already seen him abandon figuration for some time to move increasingly towards the abstraction of style, among the various exhibitions and events in which he participates, one of the most significant was the invitation to apply to the emerging ArtetvLAB project at the ORLER headquarters in Venice, with the selected abstract works of the Vision series for the  teleshopping on their television channel.  

          vision series
orler gallery.jpeg


September 2015-August 2016

In 2015, on the occasion of Expò Milano, he participated with a mini-personal exhibition at the Trezzo Dadda power station curated by Dr. Giorgio Grasso and Dr. and art critic Mattea  Micello with abstract works from the Vision series, participating in subsequent events on the occasion of impromptu exhibitions in the city of Cesena.

        Live performance Savignone (Ge)

 2016 - 2021

From 2016 after Expò 2015 the artistic production sees him abandon the digital trend of the vision series to regain possession of a partial figuration that will characterize the canvases in the following 5 years. The technique will be action painting and dripping, where the color will be splashed directly on the canvas in plays of tonal overlaps and his favorite flower element such as the poppy, will become the almost absolute protagonist of each of his creations


    Berlin gallery

mini personal flowers art  
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